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brought to you by Philippe Loctaux


how many stickers i have left: 19 stickers as of may 21, 12pm french time.
this number will be updated as soon as a new order has been made.

legal stuff

to make sure you are not getting scammed, make sure the emails are coming from, and not from another address (it's my personal email).
also, the stickers shipment is done entirely by me and only me, no one has your name and your shipment information but me.
my intentions are not and never will be to sell your personal information to a company or anyone.
i'm doing this on my personal time, and everything is done by hand, from the website you're viewing right now to the envelopes.
proudly made by hand in france 🇫🇷 with ❤️

how they look like

here's a sticker next to a usb flash drive for comparison:


if you buy...
1 sticker, you will pay $4 in total.
2 stickers, you will pay $6 in total.
3 stickers, you will pay $8 in total.
4 stickers, you will pay $10 in total.
5 stickers, you will pay $12 in total.

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